MCAM Reached dollar one today 16 May 2022 – MONEDA MCAM

MCAM Reached dollar one today 16 May 2022 – MONEDA MCAM

When it is the time of Panic Situation in Crypto Industry most of Crypto Coins are falling down and some of coin has collapse. The global crypto market has lost approximately $830 billion in market capitalisation within six weeks. It’s been mayhem in the world of cryptocurrencies over the past few days. With tumbling
equity markets, geo-political tensions and the lingering pandemic creating the perfect storm, it has to be one of the most trying times for investors, and especially for the crypto investors.

The world’s second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation, Ether fell by 23% to $1,841.12. Other cryptocurrencies such as XRP have fallen by 34%, Solana is down by 38%, Cardano has tanked 35%, Stellar has fallen by 29%, Avalanche is down by 39%, Polkadot has tanked 32% and Terra USD is down by 27%.

But MCAM has gained trust of its Investors MCAM reached its all-time high price $1.00 Today due to its ultimate strategy to give higher profit to its investors. MCAM has released its first supply on dated 26th November 2021 with the price of $0.05 and after 6 months MCAM touched to $1.00 with 500% growth in 6 months.

MCAM has also launched its utility portal to make it more valuable and usable through E-commerce Plateform, Utility portal for Bills Payment, recharges, Hotel and Travel booking also mcam has introduced its first Game horse racing betting game to attract gaming lover users.

Crypto experts predicted positive notes about MCAM, Jillian Griffin a Senior Financial Advisor of Westpack Bank says

“MCAM has shown its value only in last 6 months and it may be in the list of top 10 crypto currency”