About TRON bandwidth points
Bandwidth points (BP) refer to the number of bytes available to an account for sending transactions. An active account can receive 5,000 BP for free every day. Users with frequent transactions need to freeze TRX for extra bandwidth points. If a user’s bandwidth points are insufficient, the system will consume a certain amount of TRX as the handling fee to execute the transaction. For newly-created TRON accounts that haven’t been activated yet, a random amount of TRX needs to be transferred from another address to the account in order to view the current Energy and bandwidth points on the Resources page.

About TRON Energy

Energy refers to the CPU resources consumed when running smart contracts. Similar to bandwidth points, Energy can also be obtained by freezing TRX, but accounts will not receive free Energy every day. Using DApps consumes Energy. Users can also directly spend TRX to offset the Energy (or bandwidth points) consumed when making a transaction.

Amount of bandwidth points & Energy obtained
Bandwidth points can be obtained from freezing TRX, and the amount of bandwidth points received = TRX frozen for bandwidth points / total TRX frozen for bandwidth points on the TRON network * 43,200,000,000. In other words, all users share a fixed amount of bandwidth points in proportion to the amount of TRX they freeze.

Energy can only be acquired from freezing TRX, and the amount of Energy received = TRX frozen for Energy / total TRX frozen for Energy on the TRON network * 50,000,000,000. In other words, all users share a fixed amount of Energy in proportion to the amount of TRX they freeze.


1. Only after three days can TRX frozen be unfreezed. TRX frozen for different resources can be unfreezed separately, yet with a minimum requirement of three days.
2. After unfreezing, the corresponding TRX, bandwidth points (or Energy) or other types of resources will be removed.
3. You will receive 1500 free bandwidth points every day.
4. Executing transactions on TRON costs bandwidth points only.
5. Executing smart contracts costs both bandwidth points and Energy.